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Color pressure tile

彩色压型板是采用彩色涂层钢板,经辊压冷弯成各种波形的压型板,它适用于工业与民用建筑,仓库,特种建筑,大跨度钢结构房屋的屋面,墙面以及内外墙装饰等,具有质轻,高强,色泽丰富,施工方便快捷,抗震,防火,防雨,寿命长,免维护等特点,现已被广泛推广应用。  ⑴造型美观新颖,色彩丰富,装饰性强,组合灵活多变,可表达不同的建筑风格;  ⑵自轻重(6~10kg/m²)强度高(屈服强度250~350MPa),具有
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Color-type plate is the use of color coated steel plate, Rolled by bending into a variety of wave forms of the pressure plate, It applies to industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, roof of large span steel structure house, wall and interior and exterior decoration and so on. With light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient construction, earthquake, fire, rain, long life, maintenance-free features, Has now been widely applied.

⑴Beautiful and stylish, rich colors, strong decorative, flexible combination, can express a different architectural style;

⑵Weight (6 ~ 10kg / m & sup2) high strength (yield strength of 250 ~ 350MPa), has a good skin steel, waterproof agent good seismic performance;

⑶High quality of factory products;

⑷Construction and installation convenience, reduce the installation and transportation workload, shorten the construction period;

⑸Pressure plate is environmentally friendly building materials, recyclable, promote the use of pressure-type steel plate in line with the national economic sustainable development policy.







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