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We mainly deals in pre-painted steel products,

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Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection


Quality is the guarantee of safety, is the life of the enterprise.

"Quality" is not an empty word, relying solely on the power of the individual is not enough, we need to work together. In the production of our staff to promote the concept of manufacturing qualified products, advocacy unity and cooperation, selfless dedication of the work style, emphasizing the strengthening of internal cohesion.

To improve the technical quality of the new staff we take a master in the production with a disciple in the form of training, received good results. Quality awareness in the hearts of all our staff, under the leadership of the company at all levels under the leadership of the staff in the efforts of unity and hard work, compliance excellence, 100% in accordance with the standard procedures to complete the post operation, safe and efficient production of high quality products, Their own hands, to create a Ming Yuan Tong quality products.