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We mainly deals in pre-painted steel products,

steel structure and steel trading



Leader's speech

Leader's speech


 Time flies, Shandong MYTON Steel Co., Ltd. has gone through 10 years of glorious history with the development of the society. Confirm the spirit of “advance with times, ride on the momentum, innovation and change, ceaseless self-improvement”, the company has formed a whole set of concept, values and operation system and has build up a worker-leader team daring to fight and able to win. Year after year, the company changes and swells, obtaining splendid achievements on construction of both material civilization and spiritual civilization.

To realize 2013 Company development strategy, we will comprehensively carry out brand strategy themed “MYTON”, constantly improve product quality and quicken developing pace. In the future development, the company will continue the enterprise spirit as “pursuit of excellence, service sincerely”, while upholding working belief as “do better today than in yesterday, do more excellent tomorrow than in today”, to strive for offering comprehensive service to customers. The rite of passage from economical enterprise to life-type enterprise should aim at group diversity and take “professional management, rational management” as tool.

The development and accomplishment of Shandong MYTON Steel Co., Ltd. is support and encouragement by the government and friends, most importantly, it’s concern from customers. Finally, with heartfelt thanks we sincerely hope to keep further concern with you friends all over the world.